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Research Publications

Our peer-reviewed journal articles highlight research about health conditions, disability management, and cost of care.

Anxiety, Depression, and Disability (Gaspar, 2020) JOEM
Depression Treatment Adherence (Gaspar, 2020) BMC Psychaitry
Depression Treatment (Gaspar, 2019) Psychiatric Services
Low Back Pain (Owens, 2019) JOEM
Opioid Guidelines (Phillips, 2019) JOEM
Disability Cost (Zaidel, 2018) JOEM
Recurrent Disability (Gaspar, 2018) PLOSONE
Carpal Tunnel Guidelines (Gaspar, 2017) JOEM

MDGuidelines Webinars

Explore hot topics related to health and disability.

Exploring the Link Between the Mind, Body, and Disability Webinar

Depressive Disorders Webinar

Become a MDGuidelines Medical Cost Tool Pro Webinar

Understanding Injury Risk & Disability for Healthcare Employees Webinar

Behavioral Health Disability in the Workplace: A New Perspective Webinar

Mental Health and Disability Management Webinar

The Medical Cost Burden of Disability Webinar

Workers’ Perceptions of Mental Disorders and Utilization of Services Webinar

Opioid Prescriptions Versus MDGuidelines’ ACOEM Recommendations Webinar

Understanding the Patterns of Recurrent Disability for Chronic Conditions Webinar


Learn what the MDGuidelines Team has to say about real-world health and disability topics. See the entire blog collection: 

A Pandemic of Teachable Moments
The Latest Information at Your Fingertips: 2020 Updates
Depression and Disability
Sharing Mental Health Stories
Try Not To Die This Summer
The Risky Business of Nursing
Mindfulness Challenge: Thrive on Stress
Daylight Savings Nighmare
Attitudes, Skills, and Use of Evidence-Based Medicine
Cancer: The Common Thread

Video Blogs

Short informational videos produced by the MDGuidelines Team.

How to Measure Antidepressant Utilization and Adherence
What is the Role of Evidence-Based Medicine in Clinical Guidelines
California’s Landmark Workers Compensation Initiative


Graphical one-pagers on topics of interest to our users.

COVID-19 Work Leave Durations
Depression Infographic
Depression Infographic
Key Content for Case Managers
Opioid Prescriptions Vs MDG's ACOEM Recommendations Infographic
Opioid Prescriptions vs MDG’s ACOEM Recommendations
Rates And Trends-Antidepressants Prescription Adherence Infographic
Rates and Trends-Antidepressants Prescription Adherence
The Medical Cost Burden Of Disability Infographic
The Medical Cost Burden of Disability
Disability-Related Medical Costs Timeline Infographic
Disability-Related Medical Costs Timeline
Summer Sun Safety Month-Three Tips On Protecting Yourself From Sun Damage Infographic
Summer Sun Safety Month-Three Tips on Protecting Yourself From Sun Damage

Demo Videos

Tips to maximize your use of the MDGuidelines website.

MDGuidelines Demo – Crosswalks
MDGuidelines Demo – Duration Views
MDGuidelines Demo – Formulary
MDGuidelines Demo – ICD Mapping
MDGuidelines Demo – Search Bar
MDGuidelines Demo – Topic Overview

White Papers

In-depth papers related to our products and content.

Work Leave Durations for Workers Quarantined or Ill with COVID19
Medical Costs Treatment Statistics
Duration Views Methodology
Delivering on the Promise of Healthier Populations
A Comparison of Functional Recovery Outcomes Among Bariatric Surgery Patients
Measuring Medical and Pharmaceutical Costs Along the Disability Continuum

News Articles

Press highlights describing MDGuidelines’ impact on care, costs, and case management.

Perspectives on Evidence Based Medicine
Medical-review process data shows minimal denials overall _ Business Insurance
National Safety Council Position Paper on Cannabis Impairment
California’s New Drug Formulary – One-Year Checkup Research Brief
RTW Case Studies – Recurrent Work Disability
Compliance Makeover – Developing Data Intelligence
Over Half of Consumers Stopped Antidepressant or Psychotherapy for Depression After 5 Months
A Finance Leader’s Guide to Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines
Steady Sailing for the Future of Value-based Care
WorkCompRecap Avoidable Costs!
What’s in store for workers’ comp under the Trump administration
Making Value-Based Medical Care Work in an Occupational Setting
Luna Rethinking Return-to-Work
Improve the patient recovery journey by using duration data and predictive modeling
Joe Guerriero Patient Advocacy A Key Driver of Value-Based Care
Improving Health and Financial Outcomes With Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support
Beyond The Patient Portal Drive Patient Engagement Through Data-Driven Point-Of-Care Technology


Check out some of our most recent conference presentations.

CMSA Poster 2020- How Case Managers Can Use Evidence-Based Guidelines
IBI Presentation_The Butterfly Effect: Co-occurance of Physical Disability and Menal Disorders
APHA Poster 2019- Health Care Employee Injuries
HIMSS Presentation_Inappropriate Opioids, Adverse Outcomes, and IT Solutions
HIMSS Presentation_Integrating Evidence-Based Decision Tools within an EHR
IBI Presentation_STD-LTD-Understanding the Factors that Predict Transferring from Short to Long-term Disability
IBI Presentation_The Missing Link -Measuring Medical and Pharamceutical Costs Along the Disability Continuum


The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and MDGuidelines partner to bring you the latest research with clinical expertise.

ACOEM Methodology
ACOEM Practice Guidelines Stakeholder Input

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